Optical Dispensary in Edmonton, AB

Not too long ago, there wasn’t much fun in wearing glasses. You’d walk into an optometrist’s office, get a prescription and then get the glasses that were available. There wasn’t much choice or room for expression, and many people who needed corrective eyewear found themselves settling for what the optician had in stock.

Fast forward to today, and there is a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to prescription glasses. At Iconic Eye Care, we stock your favorite eyewear at our office in Edmonton, AB. You don’t need to look elsewhere for your corrective eyewear needs. You can get your comprehensive eye exam and fill your prescription right under one roof.

In-House Optical Dispensary

Our in-house optical dispensary makes life a little easier for our patients by reducing the number of trips you need to make before getting your glasses. We stock a wide variety of different eyewear brands to give you plenty of choices. Feel free to browse our optical dispensary for the latest styles in corrective eyewear.

High Quality Vision Solutions

Iconic Eye Care works with premier ophthalmic lens manufacturers to provide patients with the best quality lens materials, coatings and technology for eyeglasses. Advancements in lens technology and design allows Iconic Eye Care to provide you with the vision solutions to maximize your visual performance and comfort for all of life’s demands. Lens manufacturers such as HOYA vision, Zeiss and Shaw lens are leaders in of addressing a number of glasses solutions such as single vision, reading glasses, bifocals, multifocals or progressives, photochromatic materials, blue light filters, anti-reflection coatings, sun tints, UV protection, polarization filters and much more! Let our team of Optometrists, Opticians and Optometric Assistants provide you with the high quality service and products for your vision.

At Iconic Eye Care, we encourage residents of Alberta who are covered by Alberta Health Care to take advantage of our comprehensive eye exams. If your kindergarten-aged child requires eyeglasses, the Eye See Eye Learn program will cover the cost of the glasses.

Frame Brands

Our optical dispensary stocks a wide variety of brands, from the classic and timeless frames to the more eccentric and stylish types. Feel free to browse through our frame brands, and choose one that best resonates with your individuality.


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