Contact Lenses Examinations in Edmonton, AB

Are you tired of wearing glasses and want to switch to something more discreet? Is your contact lens prescription out-of-date and in need of an update? In both cases, you’ll need to get a contact lens prescription from an optometrist. If you’re in Edmonton, AB, you can get your contact lens prescription from Dr. Ambrosio at Iconic Eye Care.

Before getting your prescription, you’ll undergo a comprehensive eye test to determine the state of your ocular health.

Contact Lens Eye Exam

During your comprehensive eye exam at Iconic Eye Care, our optometrist will check your visual acuity using an eye chart, as well as ask you questions regarding your lifestyle. Our eye doctor will want to know whether you’re looking to have contact lenses as a permanent or temporary choice. Some people use daily disposable lenses, while others prefer to use contact lenses only on special occasions.

If you have presbyopia—an age-related vision problem—the doctor may recommend getting bifocal or multifocal contact lenses.

To determine the correct size of contact lenses, our eye doctor uses a keratometer for cornea measurement. This particular tool analyzes the curvature of the outer part of your eye to allow the doctor to prescribe perfectly-fitting contact lenses, ideal for your comfort.

Iconic Eye Care takes your eye health seriously and has invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure accuracy and precision during your contact lens eye exam. If you’re struggling with your eyesight, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Children and seniors in Alberta can benefit from comprehensive eye exams, which are funded by Alberta Health Care.

Contact Lenses Vs. Prescription Glasses

If you have vision problems that can be corrected by prescription glasses or contact lenses, you must be wondering which of the two is the better choice to make. Eyeglasses and contact lenses both serve the role of correcting your vision and allowing you to live a full life. Discuss with our doctor of optometry today what vision solution is best for your lifestyle needs and what role each can play in correcting your vision while ensuring excellent ocular health.

Contact lenses are discreet, and since they sit directly on your cornea, they don’t obstruct your peripheral vision. Contact lenses also don’t get in the way of sporting and outdoor activities, as glasses sometimes do. It is important to maintain an active glasses prescription even while using contact lenses to ensure your contact lenses are not overworn and that you have something to correct your vision in the absence of contact lenses.

If you’d like more information about contact lenses or want a contact lens prescription, book an appointment with Iconic Eye Care today. Our optometrist will be happy to answer all questions and concerns, as well as undertake a comprehensive eye exam.



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